Day of historical significance for “US Americans.” Do you know why? Were you alive? (I’m skeptical…) What do you remember? (Bonus on this one for readers from Soviet Canuckistan….)

Cheating a bit here, since I really haven’t gone to bed after SNL.

To the prompt, no, I wasn’t yet born. My ancestors were committed Democrats, but you’d rarely hear them say something positive about a Masshole

JFK would feel very out-of-place in today’s Democrat Party; most modern hipster progressives wouldn’t understand why. (Clluestick: He was Catholic, and very much anti-Communist…)

But, I’m sure the big three news networks will roll out the “where were you” segments in tonight’s newscasts. But the President was in diapers, and a lot of us ween’t yet born.

Update on the drama that woke me:

So, yes, the tow drivers probably were shouting at each other, along with the pool]ple whose cars cars were being towed……

First Look has yet anotherr new host. She’s in Worst Korea(TM). I miss the US focus.