Major drama between two tow drivers outside to wake up this morning. I don’t even….

I ended up calling the non-emergency phone number because while one left, another seems to be circling the block, and someone is yelling profanities at the truck. Umm…..

So, for the prompt, another where I wonder what I was thinking about when I wrote/accepted/recycled it. I understand the importance of the After-Action Review, and this prompt isn’t one…..

How about a list of things that’ve statisfied you this year, and a corresponding list of disappointments.

1. Surviving this awful job which made me….
2. Buy new letters after my name.
3. Buck up with my problems with venous puncture to be able to start Tysabri. (with a new neurologist because the one I’d been seeing since just after I was diagnosed didn’t accept my wonderful Federal health exchange plan…..)
4. Seeing my wife succeed in her college endeavors.
5. The Kansas City Royals. Duh.

1. That I’ve gotten zero movement on the many outstanding applications for Federal employment.
2. That, because of this awful job, I’ve not had the opportunity to really make a push on the business I’d started.
3. That my financial situation hasn’t gotten better.
4. Realizing that due to this awful job, I’m earning roughly what I did in 2006. But the economy is totes getting better. Forward

But I’m thinking it’s time to try to go back to sleep now…..