Name foods you disliked as a kid, but crave now. Describe the opposite, too.

How much space do I have to write about this?  There are so many.

I still don’t like half-chickens (eggs).  Still not a big fan of entrails (liver, gizzards, etc.).

A lot of where I am these days, though, is if something doesn’t smell bad, I’ll try it.  This is something I can do before those senses dull.  (Yes, loss of the sense of smell, and taste is an MS symptom).

Speaking of that, one of those symptoms felled me hard today getting off the bus.  That leads me to how I’m planning on approaching this;.  Instead of gathering all my prompts beforehand, I’m just going to freelance, and work on whatever comes to mind as I write.

Part of that was seeking prompts from the Mouthy Broadcast folks.   The question was something that I’d rather not reproduce in polite company (as if that really mattered, but….), but that, combined with today’s tumble lead me to:  what’s the worst pain you’ve ever been in?  

Today’s fall isn’t it, but I hurt a lot.  It was so uncomfortable, I spent the money on an Uber home instead of waiting for another bus.