I searched for Porky Pig doing “That’s All, Folks,” but I couldn’t find something worth embedding.

Today is the last day I’m writing in this stretch. It’s time.

Am I very satisfied with this month of writing? I don’t know. Maybe I mailed it in a bit in a few places, but I’m showing that I’m still capable of doing it.

So, what else am I still capable of? I guess we’ll find out.

Last night, my wife and I finished binge-watching Silicon Valley.. She was very reluctant, but has grown to appreciate it.

As I’ve said, watching that does spark the desire to do something that’s different than what I’ve been doing. I want to be working on something interesting. What I’m doing now is really just dotting lower-case Js, making sure little Fs are crossed.

My skills have wanted somewhat, largely because I haven’t had the financial means, or the energy to do anything terribly interesting. (And here’s the part where I’d snipe about naming names, etc., but….) For the past few years, I’ve done what I needed to do to get through the day, and not much else.

That is no way to live.

So, as I said yesterday, I’m excited about the opportunities for the next few rest of the year. (And the start of yet another year of my life.)

I know there’s some obstacles I’m going to have to face, starting with more discomfort courtesy medical professionals. My rent is also going up by the outrageous amount of twenty dollars per month. So, another year in Norfolk. I’m okay with this.

I’m still looking for topical suggestions for November. Post a comment on one of my entries, or email me.

I’m also happy I’ve found my old OD writings. It’s interesting to go back over what I wrote way back when. (An incredible one is at the end of this entry….wow)

Now it’s time to go find something to eat, maybe, and figure out what I’m doing for the rest of the day.

Something Stupid – 2/19/2002

I received this in my e-mail account at school. Interestingly enough, minority enrollment has dropped 50% over the past three years. I have edited out the name to protect the guilty.

Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 07:52:32 -0500
Subject: Special Lunch

Harbor Lights invites you to join us for
Black History Lunch
Today from 11:00 until 2:00
The Menu will be as follows

Louisiana Fried Catfish
Southern Style Baked & Fried Chicken
Carolina Pulled Pork BBQ
Baked Macaroni & Cheese
Candid Yams
Seasoned Collard Greens
Stewed Tomatoes
Hot Corn Muffins
Hot Cobbler Bar
Plus the Salad Bar and your drink for $5.25!