Yesterday, I forgot to give a prompt for today.

My mistake.

This is one of the things that happens when you’re sleep-deprived, maybe. I didn’t write prompts for this month. I will need to make sure I do that for November.

For tomorrow: Mistakes. Name your biggest ones.

I’ve also discovering something I never knew about before with my TV service(s). When I was young, the TV-on-demand stuff was always pay-per-episode stuff. Consequently, I didn’t ever even venture towards those offerings. I’d see my wife go through the on-demand offerings on our cable service with trepidation about what was going to show up on my next sky-high bill.

They didn’t show up.

Something new she’s showed me. Like that pirogues (last night’s dinner) can be good. Living in South-Central PA for a year in high school, they were one of the local specialties. I wasn’t impressed. I also wasn’t interested in eating scrapple.

Back to the On-Demand, this has been good for me catching up with stuff like Silicon Valley.

The next two days, though, it’s supposed to be intolerably-hot here again. The fall can’t get here soon enough. I’m excited to get back to being in the office regularly, being able to walk outside without collapsing.

As I was digging through archives trying to find something to write about, I decided to dig back to when I left radio. This is what I wrote:

Sometimes it is about the money – 10/27/2005

I went and interviewed for the new job this morning. He wrote an offer letter on the spot.

It’s double what I’m making now.

I went to the radio station to see if they could give me a raise….not match, but enough to keep me.


I start November 10th.

My last day at the radio station is November 9th. Seven years and two days after I started working there.

I’m also selling off my stock in my side business, which in some ways pains me more than leaving radio, because I really wanted to make a go of it.

And money talks
I hate to listen
But lately it’s been screamin’ in my ear

I seriously need a drink.

Or twelve.