Up way early again. Maybe I can fall asleep again now that I’ve taken my morning pills, etc..

So, onto the prompt…

Mistakes. Name your biggest ones.

I’ve touched on it a bit, but the answer, without question, is taking the job I took in February 2013. The only bright spot are a few of the people I met there.

It’s incredible how strongly these old businesses are trying to stick to whatever magical system they spent twenty years creating, even though there’s much cheaper, just as effective ways of operating.

At the same time, those shirts with the white collars, suspenders cost lots of money.

This pre-packaged news item just used the phrase, “intellectual property.” Shaking my damn head. But the guy with twenty-six store-bought certs, and the white collared shirts probably thinks that’s a real neat thing.

Time to deal with the prompt for the final Monday….What do you have planned for this week? Yes, it’s a cop-out, but I’m trying to run through my list.