Answers in italics are unchanged.

  1. What’s your height? 6’0″
  2. Do you have a pool at your house? I live in an apartment. No.
  3. Do you own a gun? One that blows bubbles, yes.
  4. Favorite color? Blue
  5. Do you get nervous before a doctor’s appointment? Not really as much as I used to. Just one of those things at this point.
  6. What do you think of hot dogs? Yes, please.
  7. What’s your favorite Christmas song? Last couple of years I’ve been partial to Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses.
  8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? Water. Sorry, General Ripper, sir.
  9. Can you do push ups? I haven’t tried.
  10. What would you name your daughter if you were about to have one? Marie. I’m a Cajun. It’s kind of a requirement. If, in the very unlikely event we have a kid, I’d like to give him/her a French first name to go along with my French surname. But the chances of fathering a daughter aren’t great; out of 20 kids in the past three generations, there’s only two girls.
  11. What’s your favorite piece of jewelry? My wedding band.
  12. Favorite magazine: Reason
  13. What is your secret weapon to lure in the opposite sex? This is a joke, right?
  14. Favorite candy? I really don’t know at this point. Candy hasn’t been big on my menu as of late. If I have to choose, it’s normally something like Peanut M&Ms.
  15. Three adjectives to describe yourself? Old. Pedantic. Numb.
  16. Middle Name? Matthew.
  17. Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment? 1. I’m tired. 2. But not terribly sleepy. 3. Why come I have no fantasy football invites yet?
  18. Name 3 drinks you regularly drink: Soda. Gin. Beer.. Although bourbon and rye have probably surpassed Gin. As has coffee. And, for whatever reason, hot weather makes iced tea actually tolerable. I used to hate it when I was a kid.
  19. What is your favorite cartoon? Beavis and Butthead.
  20. Do you recycle? When it’s not a hassle to do so.
  21. Current worry? Getting to the office in the morning.
  22. Best thing in the WHOLE WORLD? my wife.
  23. Favorite place to be? At home with my wife, something good-smelling cooking, and no work the next day.
  24. What do you think of this statement: There’s something wrong with a person who doesn’t like cats, dogs and children? Stereotypes are often wrong. But, yes, those cats would eat you; they’re just not big enough.
  25. Where would you like to go? There.
  26. Do you own slippers? Yes. My wife really doesn’t like me to walk around in the stairwell barefoot. (That doesn’t mean I don’t when I’m just doing something like taking out the trash….)
  27. What color shirt are you wearing? White.
  28. Do you burn or tan? Tan. Mostly.
  29. What color is your couch? Black.
  30. Would you be a pirate? No.
  31. Give a plug for your favorite cause… MS sucks. Find out what triggers it, then figure out how to cure it.
  32. What songs do you sing in the shower? N/A.
  33. Do you like to go camping? Probably not, these days. I’ve grown kind of attached to indoor plumbing.
  34. Who is the most physically beautiful person you know? I have no idea, really.
  35. Funniest movie ever? Dr. Strangelove.
  36. Best bed sheets as a child? Transformers
  37. Worst physical pain you’ve ever had? Didn’t I just write about this? Bad tooth + airplane == zomgpain.
  38. Do you think Tyra Banks is fat? Fat? No. Possibly a Grey? Yes.
  39. How many TVs do you have in your house? Two. Only one is hooked up. I would like one in the bedroom again.
  40. Who would you like to spend the day with today if you could? My wife.
  41. Who would you like to spend the night with tonight if you could? My wife. Duh. Though she may be up late watching the olympics.
  42. Do you consider yourself a nosy person? Not really.
  43. Favorite flavor of ice cream? Vanilla. This has been a source of marital discord recently. Vanilla is a flavor, damnit! In fact, it’s the finest of them.
  44. What is your favorite book? I really don’t know at this point.
  45. What is your favorite chocolate? Belgian.
  46. Favorite alcoholic beverage? Sazerac.
  47. What song do you want played at your funeral? I don’t’ have anything in particular I want.
  48. What were you doing at 12AM last night? Sleeping..
  49. On a scale of 1-10 how wonderful do you think you are? I think my actions warrant at least a hearty 6.5.

Tomorrow is seventeen, which was a very good year. Was it a very good year when you were seventeen?