Planned to come complain about Twitter spammers, and ended up deleting over 500 pending comments here.  The captcha does work most of the time, but….

While in the shower today, I was thinking about Garbage In, Garbage Out.  So, why am I still using WordPress?  Because while it may be Garbage In (and if I’m writing it, it most assuredly is), but I can get the fucking data out when I want to.  I didn’t import the data from my old CMS, because I really didn’t care enough about it to worry.

Too many of the things i see advertised in the IT world as be-all, end-all solutions, prevent people from doing just that.  Data goes in, but there’s a better than even chance it’s ever coming out in a usable format.  There’s several tools I’ve seen pressed hard at work that fall into that category.

Some of the big boys have gotten better about it.  Others are trying new, different, products that lock up data with little hope of recovery/reuse.  But that’s exactly what we’re not supposed to be doing!  *exasperated sigh*