Day 18

So, writing at before 0600 on Sunday morning. Why? Because I had a dream that somebody was coming with a delivery, and I needed to sign.

On early Sunday morning. Yeah, I’ve got some mental issues, maybe. Still better than the weirdness that woke me up yesterday, which involved Gangnam Style. Issues.

So, on to the prompts before I fall back asleep, because, uh…there’s no delivery coming.

1. Are you a risk-taker?Do you weigh the pros and cons or jump right in?
Short answers: “No. Depends.” Longer answers: “I’m actually pretty risk-averse when you get right down to it. Living with my physical limitations kind of demands that. Have I done things that might get me hurt, fired, arrested? Sure. Are there a lot that come immediately to mind? No.”
Those said, considering what you see on TV this time of year, the Internets all year long, etc., I marvel at the paranoia I see. People don’t understand probabilities at all, jump to conclusions. With medical issues, it gets worse. Next on The Doctors, “Is my hangnail due to the chicken I ate in 1987?”

2. “The most terrifying moment of my life was…”
You know, I’m really having trouble with this one. Why? Because the things that are coming to mind weren’t actually terrifying until I thought about it after I was away, safe. Some of those where you say, “wow, that could have ended really badly.” Maybe I’ve been lucky. Who knows? But I do know that because I’m acutely aware of my limitations now, I’m more cautious; it’s been a long time since I’ve had one of those moments.