Day 19

Kind of in a reflective mood today, but it comes back to one simple truth — it’s impossible to reason with someone who believes he has the prescriptions for all of life’s problems. Sadly, there’s no remedy for it, and selection or election of these people makes them even more insufferable.

There’s things going on that you can’t even start to understand; how, exactly, is your prescription going to work? I know. Faith. And if I can show how your preconceptions backing your conclusions are wrong? Yeah, we won’t discuss that. You’re right, and who am I to question that? Gaia is on your side.

If that was more than a little obtuse, so be it. I’ll know, should I ever go back and re-read this, what I was upset about. On to the prompts……

1. Do you believe in soul mates? If so, do you believe we each have just one soul mate?

Can I answer this one with a firm, “I don’t know?” Because, honestly, I don’t know. Are there connections between people that sometimes extend beyond……yes. Do I have one? Yeah. Can I explain it? No. Is it just one person? Probably.

2. What would you do if you could live a day without consequences?

After two chicks at the same time? Nothing. Then gluttony in various ways. But, mostly nothing. I really don’t have anything to do or say at this point, and consequences never really can go away.

The science behind the consequences doesn’t go away. So what do I do? Go be intentionally rude for my own enjoyment? Is the enjoyment I’d experience from that from the act, or from the consequence of that act? I’m running out of reasons to do much of anything if there aren’t consequences……