Yeah, I’m not going to resurrect that draft for nineteen today or tomorrow. I’m not sure what to do with it, honestly.

The more I read it, the less I like it.

Fun meeting with the HR Geeks folks on Jitsi last night. Somebody had a photo of me from probably about 2005. I don’t know who was more unimpressed, or my wife. (This would have been probably just before we met….)

I’ll do my prompt, then get back to scarred brain murmurings.

If you had unlimited funding to start your own business, what kind of business would you have? 

Again, I go back to the Office Space clip. But, no, two chicks at the same time is kinda off the table.

Do nothing.

I don’t know how long that’d last. Eventually I would probably want to do something “productive,” but would that be of use to anyone but me; would anybody buy what I make?

Random aside — I’m really enjoying this cup of Lorenzotti coffee.

But I don’t have much of anything to do right now, and I’m okay with that.

Wake up. Shower. Take pills. Drink coffee. Listen to podcasts, and write.

Will I be allowed to do that after AOC’s reconciliation? I have no idea. She, and her fellow partisans, want to take everything I’ve ever produced, then kill me if I don’t continue participating. Whatever.

I just hope the cameras are rolling.

News. I don’t know whether mu connection with non-US news sources have something to do with it, or if the pace actually is picking up.

What’s going on in Ethiopia is both troubling and confusing.

Since it’s dangeous that I get news from a variety of sources, I’ll look at Chuck Todd’s outlet.

Nothing about Ethiopia on the front page.

Nothing if you use the search tool. (I get the Wikipedia page, which is, you know, 100% credible….)

Knowing about a war going on somewhere in the world? Yeah, that’s dangerous, Chuck.