Very little

Accomplished this weekend, other than getting the first part of my two-part vaccine.

Just a paper where they wrote the date of the dose.

No, you may not see it, and I will not show it willingly.

I won’t carry it.

If you refuse to sell to me because I will not present it, that may or may not be okay. I’m really not going to be terribly upset about you refusing to sell to me.

You’ve lost a sale, and I will tell my friends and family why they shouldn’t buy from you in the future.

That kind of ties in to the woke MLB All-Star game move.

Because Georgia passed a law that institutes the sorts of restrictions on voting that many other states have, you have to move the game to perhaps the whitest city in the league.


So I stop consuming. I do it by my choice. Blocked and Reported, if you will. Except, maybe, I’m not reporting. I’m just blocking.

I will take my attention, and money elsewhere.

Next injection scheduled. Mayday. Somehow that seems appropriate.

One thought on “Very little”

  1. Thank you for bringing me into the loop on the MLB decision. My son lives in Georgia. He will be moving to Texas later this fall.

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