Listened to this.

I certainly empathize with some of what he’s been through, certainly. In some ways I’m envious that his disease progression doesn’t seem to be a severe as mine.

What I’m concerned what he’s talking about in the political sphere.

It’s difficult.

I do worry that the stuck-in-neutral HR1 might change the US into something even worse than the duopoly we currently have.

All I can do as someone who wants things not to get progressively worse is to vote for the least evil. That was true in the duopoly. That will remain true if I’m forced to work within a monopoly.

About all I can do is publicly say what they’re afraid to.

I did that when it comes to the presidency in 2000. I did the same when it comes to the presidency in 2016, and 2020.

Previously, I would have worried more about the negative consequences. I still do, a bit, but many out of concern about what effect it might have on people I care about.

But I’m never going to cheer for something that’s wrong.

And I’m never going to pretend it’s okay.