A spoonful of sugar

Makes NSNG evangelists to full-Cornholio. (And that I”m linking his page should actually signal that I think he’s not entirely off-base, but I will say that I’m not ready to jump on board…)

I got my second Phizer shot this morning. I have a photo of my signed card. No, I won’t install a vaccine passport on my phone, Governor Blackface. If you’re a private company, and you want to see my card, unless you’re really selling something I want, I’m probably just going to go somewhere else. And convince others to do the same.

It’s my understanding that you need two weeks to develop proper antibody protection. Great. The wise overlords in government have said that we now don’t need masks outdoors while by ourselves.

I’m going to do what I want to do from here on out, and try to facilitate others’ ability to do the same.

I really appreciate this

Writing today was delayed by being away to get my shot.

MRIs on Friday. Also, delivery of NOLA food scheduled to Robbie, and Chris that day.

Dinner somewhere other than home on Saturday.

Let’s do this.

I’m going to get into my other project. I will put it up when it’s finished.