That was the word that came to mind for what I’m doing to myself for the next week.

I’ve been doing a horrible job adhering to this. (Interestingly enough, the DDG search turned up something from the Army, not the Air War College, which is what I used to get with the totes-didn’t-used-to-do-evil engine…) Would that word be too complex?

Somehow I got on a word-of-the-day email list. I have no idea what happened to cause that, and I’ve been hesitant to unsubscribe. Finding the precise word to describe something is completely correct for whatever I’m trying to convey.

In the background is this….

I made it through this week. It was actually somewhat uneventful, actually. I get my next COVID-preventer next Saturday. What I’m doing actually has some things running incredibly smoothly.

Just move forward, and understand that everything gets deleted, eventually. What I’m doing now will eventually be replaced.

And I’m okay with this.

And I got distracted there for about an hour. It happens. Responsibilities.

News. Obviously, the conviction of the cop in Minneapolis was the big story of the week. I’m surprised that there wasn’t rioting, there, despite the guilty verdicts. There was something I watched, which had a very disjointed flow chart where

I’m confused about Minnesota law, where he was convicted of the lesser-included charges.

I do wonder if at least some of the convictions will be overturned by the judge not sequestering the jury; if they don’t convict, everything will burn. *shrug* But things are still on fire in Oregon, where you might have to wear a mask forever.

If they existed, a permanent mask mandate might be a good thing for Antifa.

Other stuff. Permanent expanded unemployment benefits. Sit, UBI, Sit! Good Dog!

If you’re younger, didn’t watch TV in the 80s, you probably don’t understand that. Whatever. /GenX

It’s noon, so I’m going to stop. I’ll look for something in the themes of the week later on.