Independence Eve

Busy week. Lots of discussion about some of the things I heard towards the end of last week.

Still keeping my thumb on the pulse of the tumult with the LP, and becoming increasingly convinced that there’s lots of folks with exactly the wrong approach to well….just about everything.

That was definitely a left-handed compliment. You can find the sarcasm by clicking on MyProfile, and selecting Insight.

But the tweet speaks to the push on messaging. He was talking in the podcast about focusing messaging to individual personal benefits.

It’s all about you.

That is exactly the sort of messaging that was aimed at the Baby Boomers.

Run a survey of your friends on your My Yahoo.

That’s tack B. So much has gone in to focus in super-serving what used to be the biggest segment of the US population.

Tack A is a refreshing of the RON PAUL 2008 campaign.

Let’s ignore the fact that it didn’t work back then. Or in 2012. But if we do it harder, it’ll be done correctly this time.

Something else I was listening to recently was talking about the Socialists’ push on Socialism. They wanted Sweden or Denmark. They got Venezuela.

But if they’d forcedconvinced one more book more ardently, everything would be A-okay.


So as people exhale more-urgently into the sails of a potential campaign, the less attention and support I can muster.

Maybe that makes me

Nope, I’m not supposed to say that sort of thing.

What else is on tap for this week?

I am off work from tonight until Thursday night.

I will be turning my work phone off.

My corporate email account will get checked because I have the account on my personal iPhone.

I will kind of be marooned, but that’s part of what I want.

(And the other part is Waffle House….)

Maybe I’ll get around to getting Mailman fixed on this VPS.

Maybe I’ll figure out what to write about this summer (Yes, I’m going to do that, even though it’s contrary to doctor’s orders…..)

We’ll see.