Spreading Things Thinly

I am, but it’s really all I can do at this point.

Monday (the Federal holiday for Independence Day, as the 4th actually fell on Sunday), I took the train down to see my mom. Overall, the trip went okay, though I did manage to lose my glasses on the trip back up.

Just now, I bought a replacement pair. $12.95. Yeah. I can deal with that even if I have to essentially throw them out when I finally get a replacement prescription.

But, largely, I didn’t do much of anything. I did get to Waffle House on Wednesday before I scrambled back to NoVA early to avoid the tropical storm.

I checked email when I got back on Wednesday night, then did some things on Thursday, but largely I’ve been off.

Am I re-energized, ready to get ack to the grind? *shrug*

Thankfully, the news has slacked off a bit this week.

Listening to this Podcast, there’s ads from Facebook advocating new Intertubes regulations.

So that they can make themselves bigger, more indispensable.

No. I am not in favor of anything that’d do that.

I need to figure out what my topics are going to be for my summer writing compulsion session.