Pushing The Pollster

Got a call today from a push polling outfit.

When you don’t really think that government is the answer to, well, much of anything, questions about whether you think your representative in the state capitol is doing a good job by pushing the government-enforced monopoly to lower prices.

“Has your impression of $Local_Democratic_Delegate improved because his effort to have electricity savings sent back to residents?


“Has your impression of $Local_Democratic_Delegate improved because he’s trying to lower prescription drug prices for Medicare recepients?


*confused silence*

Have a nice day!

Local communicatees should be handling electricity; maybe individual neighborhoods/developments/etc…

Why would increasing the amount of government influence over any of it raise my impression of a particular politician?

And this is what I call my last Saturday before going back to work….

But I’ll put in for the Monday after the Comedy show I’m seeing next month off. Even if it’s only in DC, I have leave I need to burn.