Burning Hunk Of Friday

This is sort of a writing-a-day-early thing.

I wasn’t feeling well last night, and decided to go ahead and try to take some of the copious leave I have.

So. What’s up.

Well, my left-handed comment last week to Brian McWilliams get a lot more punctuation. (Link to long, very disjointed Twitter thread…which will probably not work a few months after I initially write this entry. I periodically go back and delete all of my Tweets. Not because I regret many of them, but because things can come back and be misconstrued out-of-context). The discussion, however, did affect even my way of thinking about things.

Government does a couple of things well — breaking things, and killing people. Everywhere else, private industry does a better job.

If you knew of someone who needed immediate help with a problem, would calling some bureaucratic agency, or starting a Go Fund Me be more effective?

The host of the Peddling Fiction Podcast had a friend whose daughter was in the hospital with an unknown medical issue. Johny put out a request to listeners like me, and we gave money to support child and mom as they dealt with whatever the problem was/is.

Complicating matters, there, is that John, and his friend live overseas.

How long would it have taken to get things organized through government?

Much longer, I’m certain.

Would the money have gotten there with more taken off-the-top? Of course. That’s not a good thing.

People want to help. Paying a thug with a gun and a badge doesn’t increase generously.

But, back to the disagreement I was having with Brian, the way he was describing it is making the focus on the consumer when pitching Libertarianism.

No, that’s a pitch to a shrinking segment of the population. But that segment of the population, historically, seemed enormous, and the educators coming from that segment, focus on those like them.

Think Globally, Act Locally. Things will work out better than if you’re worried about what others are doing.

Maybe more tomorrow, but I should go do my daily stuff.