Long day in the District for a variety of reasons. No neat photographs out the window; the room I was in had a great view of the parking garage.

A bit reminiscent of my perch at the radio station.

But getting home took absolutely forever. It’s one of those things where you balance the money you’d spend on a cab versus the sunk costs I have in paratransit fare.

I was kind of spun up about what I’ve seen with what’s been happening with the “Beltway Libertarians.” I’d listened to the podcast that set Dave off, and while i didn’t really agree with what either side said, I took some of what Dave said in his response to heart.


Reason’s done a remarkably poor job articulating much of anything other than things that don’t affect many people’s lives — drugs, sex work, and school choice.

I can’t take drugs, regardless of whatever individual states do. I have no desire to frequent sex workers. I don’t have any kids, so I’m not particularly worried about government schools.

Out of the demo. Frequent story for me.

Regardless of me, it strikes me as extreme narrowcasting. Your tricycle motor is going to go to some exclusive prep school, and you’re going to be able to redirect funds away from the corrupt teachers’ union to support it. Great.

What’s that do for the shop owner who’s lost everything because of the failures of government to protect property during the riots?

How about the incredible expansions of government power and spending to battle a disease that’s rarely fatal?

To that end, one of the things that occurred to me this morning — quick, off the top of your head, no searching the web, name a celeb who’s died of the disease this year (2021).

If you can name one, is that person’s life worth the liberty that’s been surrendered in hopes of not repeating such a loss?

To me, it’s a hard case to make.

And several of the organizations I’ve supported, financially, have been damned near silent on the excesses, but are very concerned with off-color humor from others.

Eyes on the big picture, y’all.

Where has government made anything better? There’s vaccines now that weren’t there before, and they’re being distributed because government got out of the way.

Is that the dreaded bothsidesism?

I don’t know, or care.

Let me live my life as I choose, and protect my liberty and property.

It’s not that difficult to understand.

So. Prompt.

Do you have a fear that you want to overcome? What is it and do you have a plan to overcome it?

This was something that fits nicely with some of what I’ve been doing with my mental health work lately, but it also speaks to some of what’s been going on with Simone Biles quitting the Olympics.

I do see both sides of the argument.

She’s worried that she won’t be able to deliver a performance up to her standards Maybe she’ll be embarrassed. Maybe there’s something else. Or maybe she performs well enough to get the job done for her team.

I do understand and appreciate both arguments.

You could be Ronnie Lott, and get part of your finger taken off during a game, and still play. Or Curt schilling with the bloody sock for the fackin’ Red Sawcks.

Or you could end up producing the “full Delhomme.” Ultimately, however, it’s up to the athlete, and the coaches.

For my personal things, I’m not going to share. There are things that I won’t write aobut.