End of July. I was promised last year that things certainly would be all better by now. It’s over. They failed. Let’s try something different.

Sitting back and rereading that; it’s about as polite and positive as I can be.

At the same time, part of me says that no courtesy is required, much less warranted. Stop being nice, start being real.

I don’t care that you’re more concerned with others’ well-being than I am. I’m not going to get behind, EVER, aggressing against them.

If you want to do something that’s going to cost money, limit freedom, you need to have defined measures of performance. If you don’t meet those, your experiment stops, and you pay them back for any damages that they’ve incurred.

“How long do you think I should spend in prison if I want something else?”

A polite person might not ask that question.

I might counter that a truly-polite person would never advocate a policy that might elicit such a question in response.

Speaking of that, a look at the news.

Evictions loom after Biden and Congress fail to extend ban that is set to expire Saturday

Emphasis by me, of course. The eviction moratorium is a perfect example of where government’s prescriptions don’t, haven’t, and won’t work.

Searching around about my own residence got me sidetracked. I’ve wondered if my complex’s shoddy work has had to do with people living here rent-free. IN the middle of the pandemic, there was a rather-abrupt management company change. The new folks took a long time to get up-and-running, but haven’t done a great job.

Today, there was another curt note from the property management. Thought it doesn’t really affect me, the tone might reflect the pending period of evictions, and lack of tenancy.

Things are going to get really bad really quickly. Someone with a more-conspiratorial bent might say that the push on masks, extra inoculations, might be an attempt to justify extension of the bad policy.

For the mask thing, I’ve ordered an NPC mask.

Continuing on…

Mask guidance divides parents heading into new school year

If I had kids, this might be of interest. (I could say a lot more about this, and how it ties into some other things, but I don’t feel like it.)

Though I don’t have any kids, I don’t think they should be masked. There is a chance of getting sick all the time. Even if the masks worked 100%, I’d be opposed to making kids wear them. Just like I’m opposed to making them wear helmets all the time.

My dad was pretty adamant that I couldn’t play tackle football until I was in high school because he was worried about me being injured. I appreciate that now. It didn’t take the government to protect me.

The U.S. economy is bigger than ever, but it’s still got a few big problems, too

This pins a shortage of supplies and labor on the rising prices.

When it comes to manufacturing, labor, itself, is a supply. Consumer products don’t assemble themselves.

The story also doesn’t talk much about the compounding element of price — available money. Employers/manufacturers have to top the additional unemployment benefits.

When you actually start earning money, too, you stop qualifying for many other benefits.

Don’t work, and qualify for Medicaid, or work, and pay for a plan from the exchange that’s almost exactly the same as Medicaid.

I actually was asked by one provider if my exchange plan was Medicaid. Uh, no, I’m paying hundreds of dollars a month. Yeah, sorry, we don’t accept Medicaid this plan

Once again, the government solution didn’t fix anything.

More tomorrow.