Two-thirds free-write

Twenty consecutive days knocked out, and I feel, um, well, I don’t know how I feel about it.

Next week is Thanksgiving, and a chance to relax some.

I say that with the full understanding that I really don’t know how to turn everything off, now.

I’m listening to this, and and becoming more even more convinced that he’s the wrong guy to be the LP nominee in 2024.

How can you fucking not figure out that 757 revers to the area code?

Another thing why I don’t support him being the nominee, but it almost makes me say that I will not vote for him as President. Virginia, due to various rounds of rich immigration to Northern Virginia, is largely a Democrat stronghold, again, just the way the Byrd Organization intended.

Virginia’s got open primaries. I typically vote against the worst candidates in the primary, then for the Libertarian in the general election.

If I end up living somewhere where there really only is one choice for a party, I will vote in that party’s primary against the worst candidate.

And I keep getting thrown off on tangents.

So. News. Of course, the big story is that Kyle Rittenouse was acquitted yesterday.

*Checks news*

Yeah, no riots in Kenosha afterwards.

It’s almost as if actually deploying the National Guard stopped it?

Nah. Can’t be.

Tony Evers is responsible for what happened with the shootings in Kenosha last summer. Not because of what he did, but because of what he didn’t do.

If the mostly-peaceful protests had been stopped by government protecting life and property, Rittenhouse wouldn’t have had a reason to be there. (And end up shooting the people who were chasing him….)

Okay, that’s enough. Ten more days of writing. I need to start figuring out Christmas stuff.