Taking things back five years for this prompt.

Nov. 21, 2016, 5:01 p.m.

Write about something you’ve had to re-learn.

The impetus for this was something too personal to write about publicly.

As my nerves stop working, I’ve had to re-learn lots of things.

Many of them are attributable to my limited eyesight, unsteady balance.

I learn to do things one-handed, so I can steady myself with the other.

Perhaps oddly, I find myself doing a lot more things from the sinister side.

The neurologist I saw at Georgetown said I was a lefty. I don’t even. Maybe it’s that I’m wearing my Fitbit on my right wrist, and carrying my cane in my right hand, leaving my left free to do other things.


The TV news is doing pre-fab stories about smartphone apps for cooking. Yeah, about that.

How about just printing the recipe?

Part of my fun the past few days has involved getting my 401K funds from the company that shall not be named. I didn’t even think about the pittance I’d contributed when I finally GTFO of that hellhole until I got a notice that they were paying me a penalty and interest for a mistake they’d made.

I’m trying to be surprised.

But they’re giving me the run-around on getting it rolled over into my IRA.

Again, trying to be surprised.

I seriously need my Tysabri infusion. It’s weird; I’m exhausted, but not terribly sleepy.

This is a Monday for me.

At least there should be an interesting game tonihgttonight.

Apologies, to quote Katy, to my non-existent reader, but I really don’t have a ton to say today.

And jumping back on for this year…

Write about something you’ve had to re-learn.

I’m trying to remember what sort of physical things I was enduring when I wrote about this.

It’s tough to discern, but I think I was still somewhat new in another professional situation where I’d been misled.

At the same time, it really doesn’t matter.

I came across an idea yesterday that I’ve gone whole-hot into pursuing.

One of the things my psychologist has long suggested is I start doing something again where I’m communicating orally.

I think part of the big thing that my periodic meetings with her provide is an opportunity to just speak.

I don’t get much of a chance to do that in my current situation.

Though I’m getting into more meetings, many of them are just me listening and taking notes, not participating.

I have things to say. What I don’t do well anymore is snappy conversation.

I couldn’t host a talk show anymore. I don’t speak quickly enough.

But I think I can put together things, still, in a logical way.

I’ve been bouncing a few ideas off of Justin Campbell, who does a lot of the stuff with several of the podcasts to which I listen.

I think I have it. I’ve registered a domain. I have the equipment I need. I’ve figured out what I’m going to do, when I’m going to record and release.

So that takes me back to what I want to the prompt.

I need to get back further into the IT side of things. Accompanying blog set up.

Twitter account will come at some point.

I don’t know if anyone would want to do Facebook and Instagram, but I’m not terribly concerned about those at this point.

Ideally, the first bit will drop during the event I really wish I could be attending, but can’t. So I’ll talk about it.

I will write and speak, and we’ll see where it goes.

The overall idea that’s guiding this is looking back at things one year later.

Let’s take a step back, and see what people were up-in-arms about. I can see what I was writing about a year ago. What was the rest of the world talking about? How much of the reporting on it ended up being correct?

So, let’s go.