Working in a bit of a void with a little dog who’s upset that she can’t continue scratching her chest.

Poor little thing. But she’s bonding well with my wife as the head of the household.

Next step will be to try to get her on FaceTime with my mom.

I got the lease renewal for out abode here in the swam (Sadly, there’s nothing on KnowYourMeme about that….)

Glance at news. This from KY. One of my high school classmates actually died in a flood in KY, umm, twentyish years ago? Same sort of situation. He drove around ROAD CLOSED barriers, and got swept away. That there were beer cans found in the car, and I seem to remember him being stoned a lot in high school made this probably more likely.

Suspect that this won’t work as intended. This si the sort of thing that typically used to be done in the “lame duck” session on their way out of town. My suspicion is that they know their loss is a foregone conclusion, so why not go ahead and do it before the election?

VM move is something I need to finish, but I’m having trouble finding motivation.

I keep getting distracted from this, so I think I’m gonna go and play with the dog.