Another long day. There’s not a lot of details I can give, but I’m satisfied I’m doing the right things, and am getting some credit for those things.

I did get reassurance on some of the things that I think are falling into neglect that my group is actually doing a very good job. We’ve just got so many things to stay on top of that it looks bad only if you don’t consider the total volume.

It’s more difficult to see the good things when everything’s flooding in at once.

When I was riding to my new office the other day, I was talking about some of my past fun when it comes to IT operations. Where I am has bits of it, but it’s really not the same thing. I think the move “to the cloud” is going to continue to make the esoteric tech skills less useful.

Part of my weekend plans involves trying to help a longtime friend do something esoteric with a wheezing client machine he’s working on. The hardware in question was iffy with Windows 98. With 32-bit Windows, it was dodgier, still. But it’s something I’m interested to walk through, see if I can get it working. And maybe finish up moving control-h.org to its new perch. Other stuff has moved, just need to finish up email, etc., with the main site.

So news. I did see discussion of an article on the death of social media on HN. This was just after looking through my old entries and seeing lots of discussion of Orkut. I remember running the network, and trying to figure out this newfangled thing…MySpace.

Things move along.

I have some things to do next couple of days. I should go to get to that.