Settling out stuff with the journal, and pulling off the last bits from the old VM.

Yay Saturday.

Also have some things to help a friend with about some old audio hardware.

The fun of trying to compile drivers for somewhat-uncommon hardware.

Been a while. At the same time, I’m looking forward to it.

Trying to put together the plans for this fall/winter.

  1. Travel to Biloxi again
  2. Figure out what’s going on with my job
  3. Get an MRI in December
  4. Go to Mexico?
  5. Criticize the stupid that’s coming from the political world

With the last one, I glanced around Twitter this morning to see if the NeoHippie crowd had had anything to say about Rushdie.

Fucking silence.


Last night’s Peddling Fiction happy hour reassured me some, however.

Other people are reaching the same conclusion I was really arriving at last summer. Maybe I’m too tuned-in, but my life at this point is listening and thinking.

Flashback to this date in 2015. Things were seriously bad back then. I’m happy I made it through.

Is there an aspect of your personality you wish you could chnage?

That’s a tough question. The only thing I can think of is that maybe I’m too trusting of ordinary people sometimes.

I don’t think my boss is out to get me.
I don’t think the government is out to get me.
I don’t think evil corporations are out to get me.

I’ve never attributed to malice what could more easily be explained by ignorance or stupidity.

“They’re not bad; they’re just stpid.”

Maybe that makes me a fool.

But, whatever. I could spend lots of spoons thinking about how I’ve been fucked over. But I don’t have enough to waste.

I really haven’t backed down from those things. But the major disruptions I’ve been through in the past almost decade have really settled me.

Off to do some chores. :-/