Just a few more for this period of writing.

Had an incredibly odd dream yesterday afternoon. I think it involved one of the maintenance men where I live now who’d been living surreptitiously in our old apartment 200 miles away….with some appropriately-aged woman who I think was on staff here, too.

Probably a combination of the issues dealing with my mom’s house, and all the craziness happening with her right now.


Looking backwards at old entries, I guess there was a quiz I’d taken in 2006.

What kind of sex are you?

You are Foreplay

Um. Okay?

Can I miss being young, and healthy? That was taken right about when my wife and I were getting really serious. If the quiz wasn’t lost to the Intertubes history, I mihgt re-take it to see what I get today.

But I’m comfortable that there’s not been anyone else for, really now, more than two decades.


My representative, following Mrs. Pelosi’s lead, went to the Republic of China. Amazingly, enough, I don’t think it was broken clock syndrome.

Several likes on a Twitter aside.

This was a bit of a left-handed compliment. The folks running the messaging are amazed by the bullshit that folks like Zinn peddled.

This is as I’m struggling through one of the Soho Forum Debates about Ukraine. Yes, it’s a violation of the restriction I set on myself of turning the fucking channel when Horton is on, but, given that it’s more than a month later, I have a sick curiosity to see how wrong the arguments are.

It’s not disappointing me in that regard.

To quote some pandemic binge-watch I didn’t consume, Winter is coming.

Might be something to revisit during NoJoMo in November.