I have almost nothing from when I was fifteen.

That year wasn’t great. I had what was probably my first really major MS exacerbation.

Incredibly introverted. Lots of acne.

I watched something this weekend, somewhat with my wife (she bailed towards the end). The episode of this on Y2K.

It was a lot as I was doing some IT and radio engineering in those days. There were satellites that got retired early because of the problem. Generally, however, everything worked.

Still, there was a lot of worry about what would happen.

When the year changed over, pretty much all the lights in the studio were off, generators running. I had CBS Radio on a phone coupler in case the satellite didn’t work.

VICE, however, has really gone off the deep end when it comes to tracking minor conspiracies.

Speaking of VICE, interesting live event on Substack with the The Fifth Column folks last night.

It’s refreshing to have something I consume that’s not constant doom-and-gloom.

Same could be said for Brad and Hannah over at BASED Politics.

But what I’ve really come to the conclusion on lately is that the experts don’t know.

The RONPAUL/AUSTRIAN ECON crowd can’t explain why precious metals haven’t gone through the roof price-wise when it comes to increased currency liquidity. And, no, it’s not just the Federal Reserve. If it was, USD <–> EUR wouldn’t be basically 1:1 really for the first time ever.

I don’t know what’s going on. Neither do you because you read a thirty year-old Rothbard book.

I mentioned BASED because Brad had a guest talking about some of the provisions as the horribly-rebranded Inflation Reduction Act.

While I’m still skeptical that many of the provisions in the bills will do much of anything, but it’s not the disaster that was the Build Back Better package, with the PRO Act.

Things aren’t as bleak as I worried.

Today’s fun was taking half a day of vacation to go to the dentist. Party.

But whittle down the unused time a bit.

More tomorrow.