I think I should have done more when it comes to prompting out this period. I didn’t, and am almost finished, so continue on with what I’ve been doing so far.

I glanced to see what I’d written in the past, and there’s something from an unidentified journaling site whe3re I was writing my thoughts about the then-new MacOS X 10.2.

I wasn’t writing about the fun with 10.1 where Finder would crash, and you could SSH in to reboot the system, but not much else.

Random aside — this predictive text stuff in the browser is annoying gas hell, and I’m too lazy to STFW and figure out how to turn it off.

I did take a company DIEEI survey. *mumbles something about HR being the root of many the problems in the western world*

My wife asked if I wanted to move to the couch. I do, but I’m kind of staying where I am to finish up the things I’m working on right now.

Oh well.

Still kind of in the relaxed mood from some recent writing.

When it comes to the news, I’m kind of sparking on my past from systems engineering.

The climate bill is totes going to work.

Establish your measures of effectiveness comprised of quantifiable measures of performance.

That sort of thing is a terrible idea for anyone up for election.

More on the writing, however, I also need to build in more time for free-writing. Yes, a lot of what I’ve done so far this summer has been that, but I wonder if it’d be better if I really had specific spaces set aside for that.

Speaking of blog organization, though, Rooskie comment spammers have been something that’s been popping up last couple of days.

For the foreign attackers, “drop” target. For the ones from domestic providers, “reject.”