Very long day with work interrupted by an appointment with the brain docs. Moving closer, but I think I might have to work, and forego some of the days I’d planned on taking off.

But I’m chugging through.

With the doc visit, I think we hit on some of my resigned attitude on so many things, including my family situation right now.

Though getting really bent out of shape about things has never really been my thing, the reality of my health situation really adds to it. Are you upset? No. Not really. It’s just something else I have to deal with. There’s nothing I can do about any of it, so why get angry?

Physically I’m able to persist better than I used to, so even less annoyance/anger.

Did have a podcast this afternoon that reinforced what I think about what’s going on when it comes to public affairs. This.

I’ve been calling the zOMGANTIWAR contingent the “NeoHippies” lately, and this really reinforces that. They’re stuck on latching on to any bit from the 1970s and 1980s that was viewed as being opposed to the evil US regime.

No. Go fuck yourself.

I think I mentioned that I went to high school with fellow military brats who were born in Tehran. I remember reading this about the team put together by Ross Perot who was deeply-involved in US politics at the time.

But I also remember hearing stories about things that happened at the airport/Air Force Base as things were really going nuts during the revolution.

Rumor is that you can make napalm out of foam rubber couch cushions….

But the AntiWar folks make it seem as if they’re perfectly peaceful, and we should be negotiated with. No. They’re still thugs. Just as they were in 1978.

I’m ready to be finished writing, but I’m going to get through what I’d planned. Three more days.


The NeoHippies worry most about nuclear weapons. For them, nothing’s ever progressed past the LBJ Daisy ad from 1964.

Meanwhile there’s still a ton of conventional weapons that are sitting around….and they’ll still blow up. Saw this from Crimea.

I think I’ve written about this before when it comes to the Norks. Nuclear weapons are scary. But so are 170mm artillery shells.

And the latter are going to work a lot more often.

After Intertubes outage, I’ve kind of lost where I was.

So let’s call this finished.

Three more days.