Winding towards the end of the streak. Happy birthdays flowing to several of the folks I know; so many fellow Thanksgiving babies.

Leftover pizza for dinner. I do have to work tomorrow due to various outages this afternoon and earlier this week.

I have stuff I need to finish, but haven’t been able to get it finished due to technical difficulties.

Still have a few slots left in my fantasy league if anyone is interested.

News…. This one evokes memories of Tommy From Quinzee. (Apologies for the link that sets off the Sekurity alarms….)

FOX5DC has a sidebar with TMZ that’s on in the background. I can’t bring myself to care.

Two more days.

I should look for something interesting to write on. But who knows whether I’ll actually have a lot of time to write, now, that I’m working, then headed to see Robbie The Fire and BK Chris tomorrow.