Kind of just kicking around before heading to the show for Robbie and Chris in Arlington.

Had to work today to try to get some things finished.

I’ve been getting quite a bit of enjoyment out of Eli Lake’s podcast. It’s refreshing to get some feedback on social media from a source. While I do have my disagreements with him, at least he’s got half a damn clue about the bad things in the world. I can’t say the same for a lot of the people who’ve taken over the Libertarian Party.

The brains behind the Mises Caucus last night on Kennedy was implying that people who get government pensions should be prohibited from making comments on current events.

What’s a nice way to tell him to go fuck himself? I’m sure there is one.

I sent my wife a list of backhanded Southern Women use.

Entertaining stuff. While she was downloaded in Florida, and has spent most of her life in Virginia, her parentage is from the North.

News. This hit from Epoch Times earlier this morning.

Same story, different source, and no paywall. But the big judicial victory the environmentalists had about offshore drilling got wiped away with the big spending bill they passed.


A bit of schadenfreude?

My ride’s here.