That’s What You Get

Kind of slept in today, but woke up to a call to the spare phone I’ve been monitoring.

The big news overnight? The Libertarian Party’s official Twitter account got 0wner3d by some NFT peddler trying to hock weird fractal artwork.

Yes, the images look kinda neat, but the whole thing shows that the LP is run by amateurs.

Infosec procedures are fucking tedious a lot of the time. I will willingly admit that, but this is the sort of thing that happens when you’re staffed by complete amateurs.

The folks in Alabamastan are reaching out hard to Rep. Amash to get him not to peel off.

I still have reservations about him, but he’d be better than anyone the edgelord kids have been floating.


I live in a state without a chapter.

Why? Because paying attention to procedure is difficult, so we’re going to just do whatever we want; go fuck yourself.

But we’re not going to start from scratch. We’re just going to use what do what we want with what other people put together.

*resigned shrug*

I used to find myself most closely-aligned with the Libertarian Party. I can’t say that at this moment. Am I aligned with the Republicans or Democrats? No. But I think it’s possible that either of those parties will deliver the least bad candidate going forward.

Whatever. I live in Virginia, which has largely returned to being Blue just the way the Byrd Organization intended. I’ll vote in the Democratic primaries against the worst ones out there. It wasn’t hard for me to vote against Elizabeth Warren in 2020.

So, what else is up on this weird Hurricane Ian-remains weekend?

  1. Now that’ it’s October, I probably should figure out what I’m writing about next month. If anyone has any suggestions, I’m open, hoping to have the list close to finalized by about 10/28. I am looking forward to writing, now. Might be a bit of an odd month, because I’m locked in to be out of town for a substantial trip. We’ll see how that goes. Even though I’m thinking it’s pretty useless, I think I’m going to spend a significant amount of time when I’m down there working to pay my protection racket.
  2. i need to go do some stuff around the house. Writing, listening to podcasts, etc. is a kind of lame way to avoid addressing things. Get things done. But that can wait a few minutes.

So. Now that I’m on full charge for the phone, off to get on it.