My schedule is all out-of-sorts. Four-day weekend is really strange.

But it’s been okay, I guess. I miss my wife. I miss our dog.

I’ve gotten a lot accomplished, but I’m definitely feeling end-of-dose fumes.

But tomorrow.

Am kind of following news, but all it seems to do is reinforce my skepticism about some of what I’d been consuming over the past couple of years.

There’s an interesting confluence of really stupid shit from the Cold War rebranding itself as Libertarianism and actual evidence of what’s happened. Predictions really have failed in so many instances, but if we move past those incorrect predictions, everybody will get to Valhalla. Or something.

Still on the to-do list:

Figure out L2TP setup for various VMs, sites, etc. on my personal stuff. Figure out what I want to write about next month. Figure out what the trip/next month look like.

But the weather’s getting cold, at least. I turned on the heat yesterday. Seems to be working.