Sunday Morning Musings

Not really ready for a new week at work, but whatever. I have things that I’m behind on to accomplish, and I think I can probably get pretty far on those.

But first a Sunday of football. Since the FormskinsCommanders won on Thursday, the TV games hwere in the Beltway swamp are largely focused on a really subpar Ravents team, and whatever the big national games are.


Still a considerable amount of the season left. Washington is going to be going back to the ODU product under center since Wentz broke a bone in his hand.

Some big candidates for the Crystal ChandelierChris Chandler, award recently.

Otherwise, it’s been a matter of trying to figure out what I need to do early next month, and over the end of the year.

Interspersed, there, too, is following events with the world and politics.

A group of Mises Caucus members calling themselves the Libertarian Part of Virginia invited me to some rubber chicken affair in Richmond in a few weeks to modify the party bylaws.

Problem is the party dissolved itself; it doesn’t exist, legally. How the fuck do you lobby to participate in electing politicians when you haven’t followed the basic rules?

Fuck you, nerd. RON PAUL 2008!!1!

Still trying to formulate a response to their very delayed response back to me. It can wait.

With their destructiontakeover, however, there’s been a notable silence from the NeoHippies in Alabamastan about what’s been happening in Iran for a month.

Yeah, tha’ts because Mossadeq! The JCPOA would have prevented all of that if Orange Man Bad hadn’t pulled the US out of it.

Or you take a look at Twitter or some of the MSM sites that have been covering it. (I’ve been getting most of my information from the BBC, though CNN at least has covered it a little. Not sure if the silence is as deafening as the silence from the LPMC folks, but….) Good hashtags if you want to search for yourself…#IranRevolution, and search around for Evin Prison to see the video and photos.

Okay. Time for some more coffee, and football.