Because November

What I’m going to write about next month.

  1. Intro/Background, etc.
  2. Write about preparing
  3. Describe your year to date. (Form 2014, but it’ll be something I can really sink my teeth into while I’m on the train.)
  4. Write about someone you’ve recently lost (Flashback to 2016; this would have been just after my uncle had died)
  5. Of which libations do you partake? When were you last drunk? What’s in your glass now?  What will be later?
  6. Write about your writing tools. (Flashback to 2004 post about the switch away from MovableType)
  7. Write about when you were tarted unfairly. (Flashback to writing from 11/7/2013 where I was writing about what happened at the four-letter company)
  8. Plans for Election Day
  9. Election Day Reax
  10. Free Write
  11. What are some qualities of bad bosses? What would you not do if you were supervising others? (Reachback to 2015)
  12. Veterans’ Day
  13. Travel Recap
  14. 2022 Football So Far
  15. Halfway
  16. Health Update (After l0oking at my entry from 11/16/2016)
  17. Write about an experience that changed a long held belief you had (Flashback to 2013)
  18. Callback to prompts from 11/18/2012
  19. Tube Cruise
  20. What opportunities that you’ve passed up do you regret passing? (Flashback to 2015)
  21. Thanksgiving plan
  22. Dates that will live in Infamy
  23. Radio Reminiscence (From September 23, 2004 about Air America)
  24. Thanksgiving
  25. Free Write
  26. Small Business Saturday/Christmas Shopping
  27. Describe what you’re doing for the rest of this year. (Flashback to 2014)
  28. Is there someone you were close to at one point in time, that you can no longer stand to be around? (From 2020…)
  29. What are you most proud of this year? (Flashback to 2015)
  30. Wrap Up