Dates that will live in Infamy

I think if you’re at all familiar with US history, you get where I’m going with this.

This did come up recently on a podcast that Justin Campbell did Fact Check This.

When I was doing research into this as an undergrad, there was an interesting split among the demographers. I consider myself Generation X. The US Census Bureau agrees. Some of the academics, however, don’t. My parents were (typing that is a bit strange, seeing as how my mother is still alive…) early Baby Boomers. I was born before the kickoff of the 1980 campaign. I remember bits and pieces of the Reagan reelection campaign. The teachers were in the smokingteachers’ lounge watching Christa McAuliffe on 1/28/1986.

How much cultural relevance would have to anyone born after 1980? How about Office Space?

I apologize that this is kind of scatterbrained. I’m tired. But I did get my recharge this morning, so maybe I can enjoy Thanksgiving.

What do I do for Small Business Saturday? How many of those are left after so many were destroyed to save people from the scourge of COVID?

What is the shared moment for the generation born from 1995 – 2010? Why doesn’t that generation also run twenty years like the Boomers?

I really don’t know. I wonder if my Flooz are on a backup somewhere.