Thanksgiving plan

To put it very simply — nothing.

Of course, that’s not entirely true. Sarah and I are going to stay home, have a less-elaborate meal for just the two of us.

I’m not terribly upset about that.

Bills at the Lions
Giants at the Cowboys
Pats at the Vikings

Actually could be some good football. Disappointed that there’s no weather, but that’s kind of to be expected with Dallas now playing in an indoor stadium.

I am not planning to work Friday, but that’s always up-in-the-air with what I do. I’m okay with this.

I guess I could sort of miss the family gathering some, but I’m really not sure how much I could enjoy it at this poing.

Maybe I shouldn’t say that with the progress I’ve made over the past couple of years, but it’s where I am, attitude-wise.

I want a break. Is that because of the weather? Is it end-of-dose blahs? Who know.

MRI later this afternoon.  Some work tonight.  Infusion tomorrow morning.  Party.