I suppose I should detail the things I’m thankful for, my plans for the day, etc..

That said, at this point, I’m not sure I feel like doing that. Late night of work last night, combined with still exhaustion from all that happened over the last few weeks, I’m not really focused-in on other things. Like the nasty bruise on my right hip that I caught a glimpse of this morning.

Strange-ass dream last night. Probably inspired by the shooting in Chesapeake

That sorty has really dropped the fuck off the top of the headlines this morning after more details have come to light. The things I pointed out yesterday were pretty much correct. There won’t be pictures of Lt. Gov. Sears holding a rifle. (She’s a Marine. She does what Marines do. And you shouldn’t be worried about that unless you’re their physical enemy. Or are impeding progress….)

Also things about COVID for the day. China’s Zero-COVID policy isn’t working, and people are starting to get pissed about it. Or this one. Yes, I’d imagine COVID isn’t fun. Am I really worried about catching it? No. I’m certainly not worried about dying from it.

I could say the same of climate change, Greta.

Maybe my attitude will be a little brighter after some coffee. Who knows?

My wife roasted some things for the meal today this afternoon. My f’d-up senses had me smelling tobacco smoke.

Literally can’t even.

*Glances over at news*

Bing thinks i’m in Ballimore. Interesting.

We don’t have dessert for today. I have an idea that I’m going to pitch to my wife she gets back from taking a walk with the dog.