Free Write

I figured that this prompt would be an opportunity to describe a few things that have happened over the past few days.

Thanksgiving was okay. Looks like things are moving along what what I went down to do at the beginning of the month.

Football was good, even if I didn’t like some of the results. Food was good. Checked work stuff for a minute this morning and will log on a little more formally tomorrow to look, but I really just don’t have impetus to do anything today.

This Microsoft automatic spelling and grammar is annoying as hell.

Leave my extra, Oxford(?), commas alone, okay?

I guess I could shop some, look at the “Black Friday” deals, but I really don’t know a lot of things that other people I’m buying for want.

Just have this sense that things are kind of at a completed point.

News….the President wants to ban semiautomatic weapons. To me, this seems like the same sort of thing — keep trying to repeat something that had a modicum of success in the past, thinking it’ll work the same way in the future.

So do that, I suppose. I’m not going to snitch on anyone who in violating the whim, and will push for the government to get rid of theirs first.

That’s not going to happen, of course, but it should.

(Apologies to myself, and future readers for the hyperlink that’ll probably be dead a couple of years from now….)

Off and check HN. This.

Yeah, nothing is really fitting, and I’m on my second cup of coffee.

So off to try to relax some. Maybe.