You Don’t Know

So many of my thoughts come back to something from Coach Mora.

I don’t know whether The ReOpening was good or not.

I guess it’s supposed to be something done in the style of The Office. Of course, I’d watched a few episodes of it, but the humor was largely lost on me.

Kind of the same thing with the special.

I have absolutely no idea. And I can’t really judge whether it did a good job in trying to capture the spirit of the inspiration.

I don’t like eggs. I couldn’t tell you which restaurants make a good omelet.

And even if there was a place that made one of the best ones around, I wouldn’t order it because I don’t like eating eggs.

Looking around on Twitter the day after, however, the response seems to be somewhat muted. I kind of expected to see rave reviews, just like the NeoHips’ rejoicing about The Debate. But I didn’t see that sort of adulation.

I think I’ve been trying to be better at thinking that sort of way.

If that makes me not part of the team, whatever. I can believe or not believe whatever I want.