Feels Like Sunday

Probably because I didn’t work yesterday.

I’ve been listening to things on Substack this morning. I do really appreciate the text-to-speech feature. Reading things is very difficult with my vision the way it is

Latest listen? Justin Amash’s birthday wish to F.A. Hayek. I appreciate the sentiments, but it doesn’t square well at all with the MiCaucs; laws are just to be ignored when they don’t suit whatever whim you’ve got at the moment.

And this is why the Libertarian Party of Virginia is gone.

Working within the system of laws is too mard, for Morans, we won, so GTFO.


If a law, or regulation tracing to it, is unjust change it. You can’t just ignore it.

Okay, CATO, we get that the Jones Act is stupid. Help someone on the Hill to pass a bill to repeal it. (Full disclosure on this — I do donate money to CATO…)

But beyond the justification of laws and regulations, the permanence is the problem.

Like the blessed Assault Weapons Ban, or the Bush Tax Cuts, sunset them. They address a particular problem for a fixed amount of time. If they’re still needed, pass a new law that does the same thing.