Twenty-six (8/15)

Yeah, completely out-of-sorts today.

Another incredibly busy day.

I promised on TwitterX that I’d expound on what I’d written on Lions of Liberty Locals about this Rich Men North of Richmond song.

Not sure what to do w/ Rich Men North of Richmond. I guess I get part of it, but, really for the Byrd Organization-supporting Keep-Virginia-Blue types, the Commonwealth ends where the HOV lanes stop on 95. And, no….those aren’t RON PAUL voters. They’re Jim Webb, Doug Wilder, and Ralphie Northam voters. DPVA has gone full re^H ^H ^H ^H ^H ^H ^Hbatshit crazy.  Living in Democrat-since-the-Yankee-occupiers-left-in-1877 localities, I often vote in the Democrat primary….and it’s often to vote against whichever nut the DerpProgress crowd has rolled out. I did that in 2020, too, specially to vote against Liz Warren (who’s a hell of a lot whiter than I….)

The RON PAUL fans were trying to make this guy sound like a RON PAUL fan. No, I’m thinking that’s not it, even if he’s talking about the dollar not being worth shit.

I know they’re hated by both the Keynesians and the Austrian acolytes, but a lot of folks from the Chicago School explain that price is a function of supply, demand, and available circulating money.

That last element has been in an overabundance, certainly since the pandemic pump priming, but I would say that it’s been going on since about 1995.

Interest rates have been held far below i9nflation since President Clinton, et. al., kept interest rates way below where they should be.

What goes up in price? Equities (so stocks), and Real assets (Housing).

Apologies for the brief interlude into this, but it’s the same in many areas.

Look at how back higher education is. You have a slack demand, now, because people my age didn’t form babby because we were worried about getting AIDS after there weren’t many of us to begin with.

The loans are completely guaranteed by the Federal Government.

When there was a peak in demand about ten years ago, now it’s nothing.

What can you do?

Reviewed the prompts I have left, and nothing is really catching me.

I’m going to go watch the news, sip a Godfather, and try to recoup for tomorrow.