Twenty-seven (8/16)

Another insane day. Tomorrow will be similarly strange. I had a nightmare last night about not being able to do what’s been asked of me.

There’s things I’ve gotta remember, and I’m nervous that I won’t do everything correctly. Some of this is stemming from some of this stuff being so distant from what I’ve done recently.

But I’m okay. Comfortable, even. I’ve gone through so much, and….whatever happens, I’m okay.

Pecans, Peanuts and Pistachios.

Um. Do I have to pick just one?

But it goes along with a Tweetpost I was pondering the past few hours…\

Hm. Rotkohl.

I’ve also been thinking lately about greens — collards, mustard, turnip.

Fried okra.


I would like to cook something. But what?

Once things settle down a bit, I think I’m going to do that.

Maybe part of the reason I do things like these writing binges is the sense of completion that comes towards the end. Do I crave it? Maybe.

I think that’s probably a big part of the NoJoMo process.

Who knows?