Twenty-eight (8/17)

Another terribly long day.

Not really sure what I can say aside form the fact that humidity has creeped back in in NoVA.

My diaphragm really does not work well when it’s hot. Same goes with what little bit of my vision is left.

I thank the coworker who gave me a ride, as the busses and Metro shop aren’t really close.

A key is missing on your keyboard

I don’t have any missing off this keyboard. But there’s several where the lettering is gone. Thans, EMACS!!1! C-x C-s.

Am dreading cheerleader-led pep rally tomorrow telling me that I really don’t have any vacation anymore.

Why am I still doing this?

Because that’s what I do.

Just like writing in streaks.

I looked back to a few summers ago to see what I’d written about then. The year I checked, I actually didn’t have an entry for this date.

So what happened this day?

Lots of stuff about old Christian churches.

They were good about keeping records.

You know who else was good at keeping records? /Godwin

Another day of this week. I’d planned on not working Monday, but I may have to repeat my somewhat-futile task of today. We’ll see.