Thirty (8/19)

Privatized yesterday’s entry on the public blog. Given the number of people reading, I’m not really worried. No, I’m not going to make the OD cross-post private.

Still trying to figure out next steps on that.

Keep going back to maximum effect for the drones; you’ve stolen my equity already, now you’re stealing part of what I bargained for taking the job.

(And Microsoft’s in-browser checking doesn’t like the double-space after the semicolon. I think I’ve written about it before, but I learned to type on an IBM Selectirc III. The teacher for the class also taught Shorthand I kinda begged my parents to buy one of the typewriters the school district was selling off after they transitioned to keyboarding, but… Two spaces between sentences! Space prepending digits in lists so they line up!)

One more day of this

I think it’s showing to myself that I can keep at at something.

But which things do I want to do?

Without your knowledge, a customer rep keeps you on hold for half a day as a part of her company’s study to see how much you can take.

This actually made me chuckle. A not-insignificant part of my time is spent doing this sort of thing.

The med school students have me doing some years=long study about my condition. I really don’t anticipate there being a problem. Anything I can do to help, I will.

My intention when I first went to Georgetown in whatever it was, 2016, maybe, that I was throwing myself to them in the hopes they could use me to further research to deal with this disease.

I will be forever grateful to the docs who’ve treated me there.

That kind of feeds into the issues at work. I appreciate that you think it’s important for people to live “whole lives.”

I can’t enjoy many of the things that I would be typically expected to enjoy. There’s not a ton of things I really do enjoy at this point. If you cared, you might handle me with kid gloves?

I’m wondering what’s up with some of the headlines Microsoft is pushing my way. Maybe too much The Fifth Column attention, but what the hell is with these stories where they don’t get into the things contained in the headline until ¶ ten?

Or show the photograph of a player who really has no relevance to the team anymore?

One of the many things I fail to understand.

I should go get some coffee, and decide what I should capture in the last entry tomorrow.