But Do You Leave?

Kind of something I written about a lot.

I’m thinking at his point, even if you consider someone a pleasant acquaintance, it’s better to just leave. When you’re sick of something, just go away, quietly.

Incredibly long week. Incredibly hot for September, too, which is not good for me.

Don’t Say anything, just leave.

Oh well.

Incredibly busy period of time this past week.

I actually sent an email at work that pointed to make sure your boots are shined before you criticize someone else’s shine job.

Some of it is the sorts of precautions people are taking in the name of cybersecurity.

We do this terribly ineffective thing because it makes things more securre.

Kind of fits in with the COVID things; people still wearing masks even when there’s ample evidence that they don’t work, and didn’t do anything to fix the pandemic.

But makes ME feel better.

Um. Okay.

I just don’t want to have anything to do with you if you think that.