Libya — The Anarchists’ Paradise

Thumbing through news in between NFL games. Really not looking forward to going to the office this week. Supposedly my access issues have been resolved so I can, you know, actually get to where I’m supposed to work without needing help.

Not going to delve too deeply into that for lots of reasons. But the entire situation has negatively affected my health pretty significantly. So maybe a trip into the District sometime this week to see my PCP.

I should not feel like this.

But, for the people who are constantly reminding people how they’ve been right about everything all the time, and claim to be in favor of fractured government, or complete absence of government, I present Libya.

Libya really hasn’t had a functioning government since the Obama Administration quietly affirmed the Muslim Brotherhood’s overthrow of Gaddafi.

There’s not been a functioning government, or even a series of cooperating governments in a while.

Then there’s a storm, and you get this.

While COVID showed how government can be overbearing and ineffective, Libya shows how its absence can ensure that many people die.

Good job, Secretary Clinton.

Would this many people be dead if there was even a minimal government organizing?

I’ve often said that government is really good at two things: breaking things, and killing people.

But since it is good at the latter, it can take minor steps to prevent it.