I was thinking this was about Thanksgiving plans. I guess I had something in my drafts folder, but rechecking my early entry about my targets for the month…

Uniqueness. Flashback to 2013, but a bit of modification.

What characteristics define you and make you unique?

I am really strange.

I’ve spent a ton of time trying to refresh my wife on this last few months.

What’s changed, however, is that I’m really not trying to change that at this point.

I put up lots of things to hide who i am, and what I am in the past. That kind of synchs with several of the things I’ve been working through in my mental health sessions.

It kind of explains, too, my recalcitrance towards many of particular Critical Theory-inspired things that have popped up in the common culture

With the most-cursory examination, I’m just a privileged straight white dude.

Me explaining otherwise is largely just an exercise in futility.

I’m not at all from an affluent background.

I’m disabled. Unless you see my cane, or see me try to walk without it, you’d have no idea. STFW for ‘But you don’t look sick.” Yeah, no kidding.

I went to school with the intention of doing something completely different than what I’m actually doing.

I like unusual things.

I rarely get visibly excited about anything. Let me but that a different way — I got to the point where it was nearly impossible to get me to show any emotion at all about anything.

I have a bunch of stuff I wrote probably 2005ish about trying to make myself cry, because I wasn’t sure if I even could anymore.

There was a scene in Brain Candy, where a character was relaying to the shrink about his sorry place in life. Naturally, this is in German, and the shrink’s response after the sad bit was something the lines of, “I don’t understand German.” “Scheisse” (And looking around, here it is…)

My girlfriend spent quite a bit of time trying to fix it. (She did, and we’ve been together for years…and we’d make this “crying little pussy” if we bred…)

I’m not really the beneficiary of the “privilege” I purportedly possess. I make almost every attempt to fit in with whatever crowd I’m in. Those efforts seem to be to my physical detriment a bit too often.

So do those things make me “unique?” Maybe? But it shouldn’t matter. What should matter is how I’ve behaved towards you.

Certainly there’s a select number of people with whom I don’t want to interact anymore (or again).

I hope the same is true in reverse.