Halfway Point

It’s honestly a big of a sigh of relief. I’ve gotten halfway there. Again.

I’m making progress in completing other things I had on tap for this month, too.

It doesn’t really feel like as much of an accomplishment as it should, maybe, but, again, doing it on the regular helps get me in the mode of doing something every day to get myself in the habit.

I really don’t want to go to the sports comparisons, but the lessons are the same.

Getting accustomed to doing something, even something tedious, helps focus you on the larger task at hand,

I was listening to one of the NFL games, and the announcer were talking about how you’d address things with a backup quarterback entering a game — you run a small subset of plays you commonly run in practice to get people up-to-speed.

The November writing streaks kind of get me focused on the litany of things I need to do before the end of the year.

So, where am I on the checklists…

  • Trip to Mississippi complete
  • Reason event complete
  • Book signing complete
  • Thanksgiving plans cemented (And I feel like that’s exactly the wrong word for a day of gluttony.)

Still to do:

  • Concert
  • Finalizing the Christmas stuff (gifts, etc.)
  • Paying that certifying agency’s protection racket by the end of the year

I am still stupidly-excited by the concert after Thanksgiving.

Other schtuff….

We dug back into The Morning Show for a couple of episodes last night.

Now it’s getting to be a bit tiresome with the leftist topics. zOMG ROE WAS OVERTURNED!!1!

Didn’t St. RBG write about how it was a bad decision? Aren’t states defending “the right to choose” above and beyond what was protected under Roe and Planned Parenthood v. Casey Yep.

I am personally against elective abortion. I don’t want to see any money stolen from taxpayers being spent on it. But I’m also opposed to throwing people in prison from doing it.

At Common Law, the standard was “the quickening,” which is the point in pregnancy at which the mother feels the baby move.

But all of what was there was built atop a rather-weak foundation going back to Griswold.

But such analysis is not allowed. You either agree with abortion up until sometime after delivery, or you want the completed subjugation of women.

No, sorry. I would venture to say that most people fall somewhere in between those extremes.

Yes, I just finished listening to another High Noon ep.